Monday, November 1, 2010

Shopping Spree mega post!

So I told you all that I went on a shopping spree a little bit ago. Here are..most of the things I got! I'm still planning on taking pics of the outfits actually on, because of course they are cuter that way! =P So I went to a few different places as you can see. I was looking for good deals which I did find a bunch! Unfortunately a couple of the things I got were a little pricey-like the pants and button-up tops. But they are really cute, so worth it! =)

Here are a couple pairs of pants I got. Both from Express. 

I love the button-detailing sailor look of the navy pants. And the gray pants are just simple/classy cute.

 I got a plain black button-up which I can wear with the gray pants (can also wear them with a number of other items) And the blue shirt is really cute with the navy pants and with black pants.

I love these tops! They have this cute hole in the top that I love! These are from Love Culture.

I got 5 different colors of leggings! Black, gray, navy, brown and white! They are really comfy-were less than $6 bucks at Love Culture.
Shirt dresses! These are perfect for the office (depending on how fancy your office is) Buuut I wear them with leggings and a belt and it's super cute. =)

I got a bunch of different belts! (to wear with my shirt dresses!)

Booties! I got these for about $20!

Okay how cute are these wedges?! I found them for $6! Not $ no $6! =)

I will try to get pictures up soon of me wearing the outfits!
<3 Angela Marie


Vikki said...

Oh My God! So many amazing things!!!!
I'm totally drooling over those shirt dresses and the bow belt!!


Angela Marie said...

Thanks Vikki! They are really comfortable which is a plus! =)

Anna said...

shopping spreeeeeee =)


oomph. said...

great buys! looks like you had fun.

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