Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter week!

Harry Potter weeks has come to an end. This past week has been HP mania. I had a Harry Potter marathon to get ready for the new movie. My sister (in the red below) and I went to the HP exhibit and it was awesome! They had  so many cool things like authentic outfits and props including the sorcerers stone, wands, one of Harry's & Ron's beds and a lot of other cool stuff! Unfortunately we weren't aloud to take pictures inside the exhibit. =( 
I wanted to take pictures of Everything! I even got to throw a quaffle and pull a mandrake!  
Friday my friend Heidi and I went to the movie premier and I loved it! Can't wait for the next one in July! =)
You can see some of my souvenirs I got below! This book is super cool. It has a bunch of stuff from ALL of the movies: pictures, facts, interviews info on how they make things and soo much more!
I even got a chocolate frog (that was delicious) and jelly beans! I had an onion flavored one and my bf had a fish flavored one....Eww =(
As you can see above, our chocolate frogs came with collectible wizard cards. =P I got snape and the bf got voldemort! 
Below are some fun things that came inside the book including HP's acceptance letter into Hogwarts!
 Quidditch world cup Program!
 Inside of the program...
 A few proclamations...
 The map that allows you to see where anyone is in the school!
<3 Angela Marie

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awesome souvenirs!! I'm planning to see Harry Potter this week end :)

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