Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter week!

Harry Potter weeks has come to an end. This past week has been HP mania. I had a Harry Potter marathon to get ready for the new movie. My sister (in the red below) and I went to the HP exhibit and it was awesome! They had  so many cool things like authentic outfits and props including the sorcerers stone, wands, one of Harry's & Ron's beds and a lot of other cool stuff! Unfortunately we weren't aloud to take pictures inside the exhibit. =( 
I wanted to take pictures of Everything! I even got to throw a quaffle and pull a mandrake!  
Friday my friend Heidi and I went to the movie premier and I loved it! Can't wait for the next one in July! =)
You can see some of my souvenirs I got below! This book is super cool. It has a bunch of stuff from ALL of the movies: pictures, facts, interviews info on how they make things and soo much more!
I even got a chocolate frog (that was delicious) and jelly beans! I had an onion flavored one and my bf had a fish flavored one....Eww =(
As you can see above, our chocolate frogs came with collectible wizard cards. =P I got snape and the bf got voldemort! 
Below are some fun things that came inside the book including HP's acceptance letter into Hogwarts!
 Quidditch world cup Program!
 Inside of the program...
 A few proclamations...
 The map that allows you to see where anyone is in the school!
<3 Angela Marie

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Lace High Heels

Ooo check out these amazing heels I found! I love the lace-up bow on the side and the flower detailing!. I found them @ LuLus for $87! Then I looked around and found them for a better deal @ on sale for $49.50!
<3 Angela Marie

Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma Watson at London Harry Potter premier!

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and can't wait to see the new one coming out soon! 
Emma Watson attended The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part-1) Premier in London last night~and she looked amazing! 

Emma wore a Rafael Lopez lace and feather dress that cost over $5,000! (Which of course is about a dollar to her) =P You can find the dress on this site.
I also think she's rocking the short hair, I like it!
 <3 Angela Marie

Katy Perry perfoms at VS Fashion show!

I love Katy Perry! She recently performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and here's what she wore! Her first look of the night was a hot pink skirt paired with a v-cut corset decorated with colorful flowers. Love it!! =)

 Next she wore a funky yellow dress with knee-high boots!
And finally, a purple leotard with poofy sides and funky pink shoes! 
 <3 Angela Marie

Houndstooth peep toe!

It's been a few days since I've posted, here's why: My computer at work crashed last week =( -I normally I post while I'm at work- but I've been super busy re-downloading and installing all of our programs! It's been a busy week, especially with the arrival of my new kitten Nutella last Sunday! She's so cute and sweet, I've been taking pictures of her so I'll show you guys soon! =)

Okay back to shoes! I like these peep toe pumps because I really like the hounds tooth pattern! They're from UrbanOG for $23.90! They come in brown, beige and black. I like them all depending on what you're wearing. I like the brown and beige over the black with these pumps, just because I'm still in love with the button booties in THIS post! =)

 <3 Angela Marie

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall bags!

I've been looking for a cute red bag for the holidays...or for whenever! =) This cute berry pie red hang bag is from LuLus and it's $35! Me likee! =)
            This taupe hang bag below is from LuLus and it's $43! Love it!

 <3 Angela Marie

Fun Jewels!

Just some fun jewelry I found at LuLus

Golf Course & Pumpkin Patch!!

My handsome bf Blake and I went to a wedding reception at this amazing golf course and left with a pretty cute picture. =)  Check out the view below!
Amazing right?!
 We found a pumpkin patch on the way to meeting our kitty we adopted. Got some great pictures! I just love the colors!
So many pumpkins!
 Blake picking the pumpkins nosie. =P
 <3 Angela Marie