Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma Watson at London Harry Potter premier!

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and can't wait to see the new one coming out soon! 
Emma Watson attended The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part-1) Premier in London last night~and she looked amazing! 

Emma wore a Rafael Lopez lace and feather dress that cost over $5,000! (Which of course is about a dollar to her) =P You can find the dress on this site.
I also think she's rocking the short hair, I like it!
 <3 Angela Marie


Marissa said...

ruffles and lace <3 gorgeous!

thanks for the comment, dear :)

Chezon06 said...

That is ADORABLE! i want i want i want!

Mavy said...

mMmmM...lace!! And black too. I love it.


Cupcake said...

Very cute!
let me know if you want to xchange blog links

Ra said...

feathers + lace = love forever

Arietta said...

Gorgeous dress! I'm sure she didn't even spend that "1" dollar for it, they usually take them for free! Funny isn't it? The ones that can afford these clothes, don't have to pay for them!
Thanks for your comment at my blog! :))

Anonymous said...

that dress is stunning! I love it!


Beverley said...

gorgeous, gorgeous especially love the back! thanks for sharing. :)

Anna said...

I loved her in this, im not the hugest fan but she really did look fabulous!


paperwhales said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am such a fan of Emma Watson.

Tea Joeli said...

OMG the dress is stunning!

love your blog:)


Luna Love said...

I love her.
and the dress.


Anonymous said...

That dress is incredible, and her short hair does look great.



Robbie said...

I thought she looked incredible at the premiere and totally grew up from her geeky image of hermione.
Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie, wouuld love you to follow. Great blog btw, now following.

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