Thursday, November 4, 2010

Golf Course & Pumpkin Patch!!

My handsome bf Blake and I went to a wedding reception at this amazing golf course and left with a pretty cute picture. =)  Check out the view below!
Amazing right?!
 We found a pumpkin patch on the way to meeting our kitty we adopted. Got some great pictures! I just love the colors!
So many pumpkins!
 Blake picking the pumpkins nosie. =P
 <3 Angela Marie


Vikki said...

Wow, I'm loving the pumpkin patch!!! You don't get to see so many over here!!!

And how's Nutella? Give her a kiss for me!!! <3


Angela Marie said...

The pumpkin patch was fun although we were not prepared since we just found it on the way-I was wearing flip-flops! It was a bit muddy but we got a nice pumpkin!

We don't have Little Nutella yet, we're getting her on Sunday! =) I'll post an updated picture as soon as I have one! ^_^

Jay said...

I love picking pumpkins in the fall! You and your bf look so cute together! :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I appreciate it!

Anna said...

Amazing pics!


Chezon06 said...

So beautiful Ang. I will meet this new fluffly member of your family. I will ! hahahaa
<3 oxox

Angela Marie said...

Yes! Next week-woohoo! =)

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