Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's almost wedge season!

I am starting to get excited for Summer-mainly because at the end of last Summer I got a bunch of cute things to wear for this Summer! I love wedges and I love Jennifer Aniston! 

Her famous favorite wedges: You can check out the same wedges Jen has on You might only want to look though because you see...they are pretty pricey! Running at $365

But no worries because I found some wedges that are so similar to hers on for $24.90!! They are super cute-you can see them below!
These Knit Espadrille Wedges below come in black, taupe and camel. I like the taupe and camel the best!
 Below is the taupe color-looks more like the color Jen has.
 <3 Angela Marie

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