Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zebra Mania!

This might be a big post just because I found so many different styles in the zebra print! I wanted you guys to have options. =) This first zebra shoe I want to show you I love. The brand is 'L.A.M.B. Dawna' and they are originally $329! They are currently on sale for $180.06! I found these on but they have them at other places as well. (Scroll down for better deals!)
If you are looking for an inexpensive zebra heel gojane is definitely the place to look! I actually really like the next shoe. It's a zebra print platform heel and it's only $23.80 from

It's hot right?! =)
I like the splash of red the next heel has, it adds a little extra.
Here is a link to this shoe. This heel is $29.30!
The next one is a bootie style zebra cut out platform. Link ~> and they are $18.80!

Last pair for now guys. These are Zebra Almond Toe Pumps and they are $19.30 from I like these a lot, they still have the zebra print but the texture style is a little different. =)
Happy zebra shopping! =P
<3 Angela Marie

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