Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oxford Lace-Up Bootie!

Okay so here we have an oxford style lace up bootie. This one is the 'Me Too Lisbon' oxford from Nordstrom and it is $109.95!

The oxford below has the same style with the laces and the round toe. Different shades of gray but both very cute for a day out in the city or a date night! The light gray bootie below is from and it is $24.70! This bootie also comes in black, chestnut, or a natural (tan) color.

<3 Angela Marie


Vicky said...

Is all the stuff you are finding at urbanog or are there other places that you look too ?

Angela Marie said...

There are other places that have the exact same shoe, but urbanog happens to always have it at the lowest price. I will put stuff up from other sites too though! =P

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