Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Sugar Yum Yum

Pink Sugar perfume photo shoot! This perfume smells so yummy and sugarlicious! I got it about a month ago at Nordstrom Rack for about $32! and I love it! You can purchase is at many different places including Sephora. (At Sephora it is $60! Aquolina has a pretty large collection of other goodies that I have not yet purchased. They have lotion, body scrub, lip gloss, shower gel, deodorant spray and a bunch of others! Aquolina also has a newer perfume called Pink Sugar Sensual which also smells really good! They don't have that many other products yet.  If you or your boyfriend loves girlie sweet smells, this is perfect! (My man Loves this smell on me!)
I also love the bottle it comes in, pink and girlie! =)
Fun swirly top!

<3 Angela Marie

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